Dog Grooming Services in Mason, Cincinnati Ohio

Much like humans, dogs require regular maintenance in order to look and feel great. Although your dog’s grooming needs may not be required as often as your own, dog grooming is one of your dog’s basic needs. The term dog grooming refers to the process in which a dog is thoroughly and hygienically cleaned, as well as their physical appearance improved and enhanced. You can do this yourself, or enlist the services of a trained professional.  The Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa ( can give you a lot more dog grooming tips in Mason, Ohio and Cincinnati, Ohio.

What are the Different Forms of Dog Grooming and Their Benefits?

Nail trimming in Mason, Ohio

Just like your own nails needs to be cut, your dog’s nails need to be trimmed frequently, on a regular basis; most breeds of dogs will need this done monthly. Many dogs do not like their paws being touched or their nails being cut. It is important to either learn the proper way to trim your dogs nails, invest in a modern rotary-type file made for pets, or enlist the help of a professional dog groomer.

Frequent nail trimming your pet in several ways. Frequent nail trimming will decrease the risk if a longer nail being broken causing pain, discomfort, and sharp, jagged edges If the nail is broken or torn off, it can create a painful, traumatic experience for you pet and may require veterinarian services. Also, as their nails grow longer, they will begin to curl under and grow right under the foot pads of their paw. This can be excruciatingly painful for your pet and cause sores or infections.

You, as your pets owner can benefits from nail trimming as well. Even if you pay for professional dog grooming services, this is still cheaper than the cost of possibly needing to take your dog to his or her veterinarian to have them correct damage created from you cutting the nails too short, your pet getting a nasty infection, or a torn nail. Also, many dogs love to jump on their owners. If your dog has long, sharp nails, they can possibly cut you or put holes in your clothing or furniture.

Hair Cuts for Dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio

dog grooming cincinnati mason ohioNot all dogs require haircuts. Dogs with short hair or fur may just shed and not need haircuts at all. Other dogs, such as Yorkshire terriers, poodles, and shih-tzus require frequent hair cuts because their hair never stops growing. Some dogs may need a new hair cut every two to four weeks. Just like for your own hair, dog hair cuts are one type of grooming you should leave to the professionals. Professional dog groomers know how to interact with your dog as well as how to properly cut and trim their hair. This benefits you and your dog by making your pet look and feel beautiful, healthy, and well-maintained. An added benefit is reducing the risk of you accidentally injuring your lovely pet’s skin with the scissors. Frequent hair trimming will keep hair off the ground so it does not get drug through the mud, dirt, grass, germs, bugs, and other disgusting and bacteria filled things that may be outside.

Bathing for Dogs in Cincinnati, Ohio

Although your dog may not need to bathe as frequently as you do, it is necessary for your dog to be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. If you train your dog to enjoy bathing from the time he is a little puppy, it will become a pleasurable experience that he will look forward to rather than loathe. Bathing your dog frequently, about once every ne or two weeks, will ensure his or her skin and coat or clean and odor-free. If you pet has a skin condition, inflamed skin or infected skin, frequent bathing will help with these conditions and may be required. Giving your dog a bath yourself can help make your bond even stronger. However, if your dog hates taking a bath, to avoid any further trauma, you may want to leave this job to the professionals.

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Doggie Day Care in Mason, Ohio

Doggie Day Care services are becoming increasingly popular. Doggie day care offers an alternative to leaving your pet home all day every day while they are work. At doggie day care, your dog will have the opportunity to play and interact with other dogs and people. This will help younger puppies and dogs that are in a household with only one or two people get used to being around others. They will not be as aggressive or fearful of other dogs and will have the opportunity to socialize. Doggie day cares offer activities for your dog and encourage them to be healthy and active in a stimulating environment made just for them.