LED street lights

LED Street light, also called LED road lighting is an integrated light emitting diode fixture used mostly on the street lighting. This integrated lighting a LED uses comes from diodes which acts as the light source. They are considered integrated lights because in most cases, the fixture and luminary parts are usually not separated, except only LEDGine based luminaire. During manufacturing of the LED cluster is sealed within a panel and then it is assembled to the LED panel having a heat sink in order to become an integrated lighting fixture.

In incorporating LEDs into a light fixture there exist a variety of different designs that are available today in the market. Current and most recent trend being to use very high power 1 watt LED. Some companies uses low power LEDs in their products, and some cases multiple lower LEDs are packed together to work as an independent high power LED. LEDs shape as well depends on several factors that include LED configuration and the heat sink used with LEDs as well as aesthetic designs preferences. Heat sinks used in LED lights are similar to other designs that are used to cool other electronic devices such as the computer. They have as many grooves as possible to allow effective flow of air away from the LEDs thus speeding up the cooling process.

Merits of LED street lights

Low energy consumption – they use low energy thus reduces the operating cost dramatically

Long life span – they have a very long life span of up to 15 years without the need to service or replace them at any time.

Quick turn off and on – it is easy to turn them on unlike other florescent lighting methods that require some minutes to heat up. LEDs brightness comes on instantly when they are turned on. In addition they do not experience a problem to restart after a power or advent turns off.

Finally, it is important to note that the primary appeal of LED street lighting is its energy efficiency in comparison to other conventional street lighting technologies like metal halide (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS). As research is continuing on this field new models of LED street lighting are far much better. LED street lights also have a longer and predictable lifetime which is usually 10 to 15 years, that is three times the life span of current technologies being used. Thus, reducing much need to service or replace them.